August 8, 2011

Zoya "Ginessa" Swatch

My current nail color, "Ginessa" from Zoya! The product's site describes this as: "Soft, silvery white glitter flakes against a sheer winter white base. A clean shimmering white that's universally flattering." It's opaque in two coats, isn't overly thick and is a good example of Zoya's shimmer formulas. It tends to try a little thick, but as long as you're careful and use a drying top coat (I use Seche Vite), you'll be fine.

Sometimes white nail polishes can be chalky or harsh. With the shimmer in Ginessa, it's much more gentle on the onlooker than your average white polish. Because of its silver glitter, it does lean cool, but it isn't overbearing and should be fine on any skin tone. I can see this being especially flattering on darker skin tones, but it still looks elegant on my insanely pale skin.

You can find Ginessa at!

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