August 15, 2011

Orly "Dazzle" Swatch!

Today I bring you quite possibly the most chrome nail polish I've ever seen: Orly "Dazzle"! This will be repromoted this winter as part of their holiday line, but you can still pick it up at beauty retailers as it's a permanent shade. (Orly's site retails for $7.50.) This is a seriously eye-catching nail polish. There's nothing subtle about it. The quality is quite nice. It can be opaque and ready in one coat, but two really brings out the full shine and pop. It has a faster than normal drying time, and does not streak. The one downfall of this shade is when it comes time to take it off: it's so shimmery that, much like many glitter polishes, your hands will be covered in little silver flakes (I suppose there are worse things for your hands to be covered in).

Here are a few more shots of it. The photo up top is in natural light. The next few are as well, and the last is with flash (super dazzle!!!!!).

(Yeah, I totally spilled some green polish on this bottle's cap. That's LASplash Ocean Fairy, heh. Whoopsie!)


  1. How do you ever decide to match your eyes and nails? Is their such a thing as matchy matchy?

  2. @Anonymous: I think it's personal preference. I like for most things in my life to match, it just gives an aesthetic harmony to me. Since I change my nails nearly every day, I have the ability to coordinate what I'm wearing from head to toe (and underwear, too!). You don't have to go full-match if you don't want to. If the colors look good together to you, then that's great! For example, yesterday I had a black and blue shirt, vibrant pink nails, sparkly pink eyeshadow and pink lips. None of the pinks matched identically but they were all *cool* pinks.

    If you can stay within the cool/warm guidelines and match that way, you're good. If you like the way it looks, that's the key! The best accessory is always confidence!

  3. You've said in a previous post that you change colors often. What remover do you use? I've tried several brands, but none that make it convenient enough that I feel like the trouble of changing colors as often as I'd truly enjoy doing.

    ~ Sharon

  4. @Sharon: Because I have acrylic nails, I have to use a non-acetone on my fingernails. I use Beauty Secrets (from Sally Beauty Supply). For my toenails, however, I use Zoya Remove+. It is THE best remover I have encountered. You can buy it at It leaves your skin and nails conditioned, removes faster than anything else I've used (including on a glitter polish) and it doesn't take much at all to clean one set of nails.


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