August 9, 2011

Tips and Tricks: Mascara

Everyone uses make-up differently, and that's okay! But each product has a set of tips and tricks that can make using it easier and more efficient. In Tips and Tricks, we take a look at a few pointers to using different products. Today, it's mascara!

#1: Don't pump it! Pumping your mascara in and out of the tube may seem like a good way to "mix" the product and get plenty on the brush, but in actuality what you're doing is pushing loads of air into the tube and causing the product to dry out way faster than normal. Instead of pumping, twist the brush gently in the tube. Most tubes are already designed to gather plenty of product on the brush, and twisting will help improve the longevity of your mascara as well as breaking up clumps on the brush.

#2: If you make a mistake, wait it out! It happens all the time: we're applying our mascara, and something untoward happens and we wind up with mascara on our eyelid, eyebrow, cheek, nose or--if you're me--contact lens! It's not the end of the world, I promise! Mascara is designed to wipe off of skin easily. If you make a mistake, just wait until the product has dried and you will be able to scrape or wipe it off your skin with ease, and it more than likely won't stain or smudge. If you try to wipe it off immediately, it will smudge and make an icky black mark on your skin.

#3: Update frequently! Cleanliness in make-up is just as important as it is in cooking. Your brushes and products will gather bacteria as they go through the ages. The average shelf-life of mascara in terms of bacterial contamination is three months. Use this as a chance to try a new brand or subtype, or stick with your own personal favorite.

#4: Research before you buy! There are plenty of products out there that make false claims. When you see an advertisement for mascara, keep in mind that more than likely the models in the ad are wearing fake lashes. The internet is your friend! If a brand or type has piqued your interest, do some research and see what other beauty lovers on the web have discovered. My personal favorites are Fairy Drops Scandal Queen, Dior DiorShow Extase, Buxom and Maybelline Lash Stiletto. I've found that all four of these do exactly what they claim to do, especially Fairy Drops!

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